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Dolphin 1.5.51 Exo-Life

Radgast 2.16.1418

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Exo-Life OAR Creations

IAR Files for Grids

2016 Calendars IAR (Zip)

Women's Basic Dresses IAR (Zip)

Men's Basic Outfits IAR (Zip)

Any grid may use the above IAR files provided attribution is given to Exo-Life Creations and the items are not sold for any amount in any currency real or virtual.

Virtual World Viewers Installation Instructions:

Download the viewer of your choice at left. Dolphin For Exo-Life is a full graphical viewer and is in .zip format. Radgast is a light text viewer with some additional capabilities and is in .exe format.

Exo-Life does not offer support for any other viewers than those at the left.

If installing Radgast simply open the .exe file you downloaded to install. Run Radgast, Choose CUSTOM from the grid list and put into the Login URI, put in your avatar's First Name followed by a space and your avatar's Last Name, and your password. Checkmark "Remember user name and password. Click Login.
For the Dolphin-Exo-Life file you downloaded; Navigate to Computer, C Drive, and Program Files (x86). If you do not have a Program Files (x86) folder open the folder called Program Files. Create a new folder called Dolphin Viewer in the Program Files (x86) or Program Files folder. Open the .zip file you downloaded and extract it to the Dolphin Viewer folder you created. Create a shortcut on your desktop of the Dolphin.exe file and double click to start the viewer. Choose Exo-Life from the grids menu and log-in.
Creator Tools Installation Instructions:

All the creator tools are in .exe format. Install as you normally would with an exe file. QAvimator is a program used to create in-world animations and static poses. ROKURO is a program used to create detailed sculpted prims. If you are interested in creating content with these programs see our in-world schedule of classes located at the Welcome Center on the Morning Wood Region.


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