Exo-Life Virtual World Terms of Service
1. Terms of Service
These are the Terms of Service (Terms and Conditions) which apply to the use of the Exo-Life Virtual World adopted on July 6th, 2014. To access Exo-Life Virtual World, you, the end user, agree to abide by the rules set out in this Terms of Service.
2. Definitions
A. You - The end user using the Exo-Life Virtual World
B. Us, Our, We - Exo-Life Virtual World
C. Our service - the virtual world provided by Exo-Life Virtual World
3. By using our service you certify you are eighteen (18) years of age or older, or are of the age of majority of your country of origin and you agree to conduct yourself in a responsible maner while you are connected to our service.
4. You agree to not use the service for illegal practices. Including, but not limited to, copyright infringement, prostitution, advocating hate crimes, incitement to violence, sedition, terrorism, and/or illicit illegal drug use.
5. By using our service you agree to not upload content which you do not hold the copyright or permissions from the original copyright owner to upload to our service.
6. You agree to not upload or create malicious content on our service. Including, but not limited to, object littering scripts or objects which litter, pushing scripts or objects which push, and/or objects or scripts which disturb the peace of the Exo-Life Virtual World.
7. The use of programs or devices used to copy content from our service for which you do not hold the copyright to (IE: copybots) is not permitted on our service.
8. You are responsible for backing up content you create on our service and will not hold us responsible for loss of data which is beyond our control.
9. You grant us the right to store the data of content you create on our service on the Exo-Life Virtual World servers for the life of the Exo-Life Virtual World.
10. You understand that the monetary system used by our service is experimental, used to enhance your virtual world experience, in world currency can not be bought with real world currency, and our virtual currency has no real world value.
11. We will provide you with access to our service as is and we are not responsible for the actions of other users of our service and/or your experience while in Exo-Life Virtual World.
12. You understand our service may be unavailable at limited times due to server maintainence. You do not hold us responsible for lost data during times of maintainence.
13. You understand that violations of this Terms of Service may result in limited access to our serice and or suspension of use of our service.
14. Our service agrees to not share your personal information with third-parties unless court ordered to share such information to a bonified court of law.
15. Failure to enforce any item specified in this Terms of Service by us does not constitute permissability by the end user.
16. We reserve the right to ammend these Terms of Service when necessary.
Amendment 1 Removal of Intellectual Property, adopted July 17th, 2014
1. Intellectual property uploaded to our service for which an end user does not have the rights to upload will be removed without notice.
2. If an owner of the copyright of intellectual property requests removal of such property persuant to Amendment 1 (1) from our service the following steps need to be followed.
A. Locate the object using the infringing intellectual property in Exo-Life Virtual World and copy the name of the creator, owner, name of object, and the location of the object.
B. Indicate which parts of the object are your intellectual property: sculptmap, texture, sound, or script.
C. Submit the information requested in Amendment 1 (2)(A) and (B) above along with proof of copyright ownership via e-mail to info@wduq.info